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Dear Friend,

Do you know that every month, about 5 billion naira worth of SMS is sent in this country? Here is an opportunity to get your own share of the dice without stress. Before now, only a select few knew and have jealously guarded the secrets of how to set up a fully customizable and profitable sms portal with your own gateway. Now you too have the opportunity...Everybody is making money from the bulk sms business except you! Even GT Bank just launched their portal.

See, there is money in this business. Even if we are wrong, a financial institution like GTB cannot be wrong!!

Why not allow us bring you into this same business with ever growing demand and have a fair share of this money!

Yes, you can have it very easily and this is why;

Our service operators charge as high as N5 to N7 per SMS, yet over 40 million Nigerians still send SMS daily.

What if we now teach you how to offer this same SMS service (with improved features) to these over 40 million hungry SMS senders at a stupid price, do you think they will be happy?

That is to say that after embracing this business like you're sure going to do in few hours from now, and you succeed in offering 0.1% of the 40 million Nigerians the same service, you will be smiling home with N400,000!

Okay, let's look at this:

Assuming you have just 5 churches as clients each with 1000 members and you get them to send SMS to members twice a week (mind you they send SMS more than twice a week).

It means in a year (52 weeks) you would have sold 520,000 SMS units. If you make a profit of just N1 per SMS unit sold, it means you will earn N520,000 per year from Church contacts alone, EVERY YEAR for as long as your service is used and the great thing is that with our Reseller Programme you can make it automatic! Cos we are setting up for you a roboust system that support unlimited resellers under you.

The income possibilities are just endless and you can get started immediately!

This is just from church contacts alone. What about election campaigns invitations where people send bulk SMS to over 4 million people at a go?

We guess you can catch the gist now?

So, let's talk about how you too can come into this business and launch BIG..

... You can now have Your Own Bulk SMS Business setup for you now for as low as N15,000! (Discount introductory price!)

Gone are those days when people pay as N20,000, N25,000, N35,000, N40,000 to have this same business set up for them.

If you're smart enough, the following are what you will be getting from us:


Fully Customizable CMS Portal
This is not a reseller turnkey website. We will design for you a fully customized portal using your content, logo, pictures as well as any color and font combination you want. You can also choose the navigational structure and layout you desire. You have access to over 2 million design possibilities, we take time to design each site seperately, so no two sms portals we design will look alike.

Your portal will be created and assigned to a unique gateway. I.e your own mini gateway. You can load SMS units for a flat rate of 80kobo. The good thing about having a mini gateway is that from 10,000 units you get it @ #0.80kobo!

Payment Processor: We will also activate any payment processor you need. Your clients and resellers can load their accounts online:
Accept Interswitch Payments
Accept Credit Cards Payments
and scratch card (PIN) recharge options can also be intergrated so you can sell your credits by voucher

FB APP: We will also develop a facebook application for you. Your registered users can send sms from their facebook account without logging in to your site. They can check their balance and access their phone book from facebook. This is what we call the SIMPLE SMS 247 Social media advantage!

Content Management System
The website will be designed using a content management system... meaning, you as the Admin of the portal will have access to a Content Management Portal where you can edit the site:
>Change pictures and logos
>Edit pages
>Change pictures
>Manage advertisments
>Manage users
>Create Recharge Vouchers
>Manage support
>...and other configurations.

Have Your Own Resellers
You will have your own resellers who have access to API and developer links. It can support more than 10,000 resellers under you without gateway overload. You resellers can also resellers under them.

We will register a top level domain name like for FREE

After designing the site, we will host it for you on an unlimited hosting space for FREE for ONE YEARS. But you will get it for free. You pay nothing for 1 year. Not 6 months, but 1 Full Years Unlimited Web Hosting for FREE. We will give you full access to the cpanel. You can create unlimited email addresses eg

2 Hours Set Up
We will register the domain name, design the website, host it and hand it over to you in 2 Hours after your order. It could be less. Our team is made up of professionals who work together round the clock to ensure that this dateline is met. So your website will be up and running in 2 hours time... so you can start making money right away.

We dont just setup sites and go. We will always be available for support in case you have any technical issue to be resolved.

You will get everything (Design + Hosting (1 Years) + Domain Registration)

Everything is set up and runs on autopilot. we have thought everything out and we will do everything for you.... the good thing is that you Wont have to pay anything for ONE YEAR. Incredible!


The site we will develop for you will have the the Members Portal (where your members will have access to the normal sms functionality to send sms, load voucher, buy sms, phonebook, etc) and an Administrative Portal where you (and any other person who decide) will have access to manage and maintain the site!

Registration: Users can register on your portal via the component and login immediately. Registration cannot be repeated for a registered phone number and username. On registration, they will instantly receive an SMS predetermined by you with their activation code...

Buy/Order/Load SMS Units: Your users can make purchase request.

The Order system has an automatic cost calculator.
They can proceed to make payment via any payment option you configured in the administrative end: either Bank and Interswitch (Liberty Reserve Coming soon!).

They can also recharge their account by using recharge card PINs. They also have access to transaction/loading history with Transaction date, amount, credit requested, status and date approved, etc. Your Users can transfer SMS credits to other users within your portal.

Compose SMS: This is a standard sms composer.
Your users can choose a brandable sender ID, send to multiple recipients and it comes with an sms length counter. The composer removes duplicate numbers from the recipient's list. (Your users will pay you extra for this)

And your users do not have to bother whether their numbers are formatted as 08031977935, 2348031977935, or +2348031977935 or

whether they separate bulk numbers with a comma, colon semicolon or put the numbers in a different line.

Most SMS Portal Websites require you to stick to a particular format or the delivery ability will be at stake. But your portal will not require any special formating of numbers (everything is automated) This will be one of your Unique Selling Proposition.

Schedule SMS: Your users can schedule sms into the future. The message will be sent on the exact day and time, whether they are online or not.

Balance Enquiry:

Your users sms units (credits) will be displayed when they login online.

They can also check through your facebook application.

They can also check with their mobile phones without internet connection even if they are using nokia 3310. All they need do, is to send an SMS to your W2S server and instantly they will receive a reply with their SMS balance.

We will show you how to link your portal to a W2S Server for free within minutes!

History: Your users will have access to their history. They can view all sent sms messages with recipients, message,status, credit used, date scheduled, date delivered and channel used. They can Search, copy and sort sent sms messages with page numbers and page size

Phonebook: Your users will have access to store phone groups and numbers. They can Delete a phone book group and all its records, Add multiple numbers to phone book group at once, Upload numbers to phone group from file (*txt and *csv)

Full CMS: This component is a joomla component that works on the back bone of joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 2.5. Joomla is an open source Content Management System (CMS).

You can change the appearance completely or add more functions. You can add unlimited number of pages and information with a click of a mouse (we will also show you how). The only thing that can limit your flexibility is what joomla can do... and with joomla, there is no limitation.

Create/edit Welcome SMS message for new members
Create/edit Welcome Email
Enter Interswitch Details to automatically add debit card payment to your portal
Send sms to all members with 1 click
Specify No of free SMS units for new members e.g new members get 2 free sms
Specify how many sms units is regarded as low sms
Alert member by sms and email when credit is below your specified level
Create SMS to send to members when their SMS orders have been approved
Create SMS to send to members when their credit is below your specified level
Create SMS to send to members when they place an order
Create SMS to send to administrator when members place order
Create Email to send to members when orders have been approved
Create Email to send to members when their credit is below ur specified level
Create Email to send when members place an order
Create SMS Sender ID for automatic notification sms sent to members
Create Email Sender's Email Address for email messages automatically sent to members
Create Subject for approval email
Create Subject for low credit email
Create Subject for new member email
Create Subject for new order email

and thats not all

Admin can also

Set SMS API Gateway URL to any provider
Create Selling price per sms unit for different quantity of sms purchases
Set Currency symbol
Set No of records to display per page on member and admin pages
You'll get SMS HTML desktop Application for use on desktop, mobile or on web pages

Admin can easily:

Export all numbers that have ever received sms from you portal and your resellers
Export all phone numbers in member phone books in one click
Generate and manage recharge vouchers (PIN)
Admin view of all sms messages sent by members
Admin view of all transactions for viewing, approval, cancelling or deletion
Automatically credits member sms account upon approval of sms request transaction
Automatically sms and email to member upon approval of sms request transaction
View, edit, suspend and delete any member account
Manually reduce/increase any member account SMS units

And the good part is

We don't only feed you with fish but we as well teach you how to fish effectively...So that you can be limitless.

After setting up your premium bulk sms portal we also expose to you the same marketing secrets we have used to achieve much in the sms industry.

Give us a trial, we will exceed your expectation

You're protected by an iron clad 100% you can't loose money back guarantee




After which proceed to the bank to make your deposit of N15,000 and your bulksms site will be delivered in 2 hrs.


Account Number: 0117440622

Bank: Guarantee Trust Bank

Thanks & Good Luck

Akpomedaye O. Victory (‘the pragmatic infopreneur’)
SimpleSMS 247 Team


PS: If you ask me, I'll tell you this is one business you must regret later if you don't pop in right away.

PSS: More than 2,000 readers of mine are on this site with you, hence we would only accept the number of orders we can manage. So, it's going to be on first come, first serve basis!

PSSS: Are you still reading? Okay grab your bulk SMS website TODAY; and we'll show you a strategy to get over 2000 clients from Facebook in 30 days. That's to say that even if you make N200 from each person monthly, that's N400,000 monthly stress less income! We are very particular about this strategy that we don't give it out anyhow...

Do you need any further explanation? Do well to contact us on 08031977935.